love is a boombox. (_burndontfreeze) wrote in ohs0alternative,
love is a boombox.

Name : Cara
Age : 16
Location : Cambridgeshire

10 Favourite Bands : NIN, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Queen Adreena, Ima Robot, The Mint Chicks, A Static Lullaby, Daisy Chainsaw, The Blood Brothers, Bright Eyes
5 Favourite Films : Amelie, Natural Born Killers, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Donnie Darko

Tell us something interesting about yourself : I always get cravings for tuna sandwiches haha!
Any secrets you wanna share? : I canny think of any ahh!
Who is your idol; and why? : Trent Reznor, because hes in my fave band and hes sexy and i love him!
What makes you ohs0alternative? : never you mind!
What do you think of the mods? : They are both lovey!<33

3 clear pictures :

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