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some poetry

I wrote some poetry on the Platform of Finsbury Park train station last night, thought I oughta share

The Black Lines in Darkness
Glistening in the Moonlight
Going up or down, it no longer matters
They all go somewhere

Does this train go to?
So Familiar a cry
the staff take it in their stride
all they can do is try

The Glow of the station lights
Shining like a beacon in the moonlight
Helping to guide lost and weary travellers
as they try to return to their reside

An Ode to Rachel (one of the girls I met on the platform)
A Night at the Punch and Judy
A Drink with an old flame
why does such joy
fill her with so much disdain

She cries, she screams
the train pulls away
her love lost once and for all
all it would have taken would have been
one word to put peace inside her,
the lights fade away
she cries, she screams

The Life of the self-harmer
Constantly looking for an implement of pain
would that work?, No?
well what about that? no?
well maybe the pen with which I write
it would take away the pain
But I don't need that
the pen is mightier than the sword
the ink is my release

Sitting on a platform
whiling away the hours
jotting a line for this
a line for that
Aching for a bed and a cup of tea
just wanting to rest and return home

The Click of the doors
the beep of the alarm
Leaves on the line
what a fucking yarn

they keep running
throwing things at each other
is that the sign of the concerned friend
or the drunken townie
u decide?

A solitary body
blocks out all noise
blocks out all movement
except for the vibration alert on the mobile
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