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Name : Jo [mush is preferred]
Age : 16
Location : Godmanchester
10 Favourite Bands : InMe : Blink182 : Trapt : Disturbed : Slipknot : from autumn to ashes : Kittie : Funeral for a friend :lostprophets
5 Favourite Films : FINDING NEMO : nightmare before christmas : pirates of the caribbean : edward scissor hands : the haunting

Tell us something interesting about yourself : people think me and carly are twins sometimes
Any secrets you wanna share? : im not actually carlys twin
Who is your idol; and why? : my friends..because they always stick by me and are the ones that seem to stay strong
What makes you ohs0alternative? : cuz i am duh </3
What do you think of the mods? : they are abso-fucking-lutely fucking gorgeous =D

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